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Throughout the year many events take place at the monastery. You are all welcome to join and celebrate.

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four buddha days / duchen namzhi

They are the four auspicious dates in the year when the Buddha performed great deeds.


Miracles day

15th of first month & 19 February


Buddha’s birth, enlightement and Parinirvana

15th day of fourth month & 17 June


Buddha turned the first wheel of Dharma

4th of 6 month & 4 August


Descent from gods realm 

22nd of 9 month & 19 November


On this special occasion, we celebrate the birth of our root Guru Kyabgon Gongma Trichen Rinpoche.


29 September 2019
First of the eight month

BIrthday of his holiness the 42nd sakya trizin

On this special occasion, we celebrate the birth of our root Guru Khöndung Ratna Vajra Sakya Rinpoche.

1 Decembre 2019
Fifth of the tenth month

MahavairocaNa buddha celebrations

Every year, the monastery performs the ritual of Mahavairocana. These celebrations are very powerful to purify sins.

10 to 16 June 2019
Eight to fourteenth of the sixth month

Sachen Duchen

On this special day, we celebrate the birth of the first Founder of the Sakya Lineage.

11 November 2019
Fourteenth of the ninth month


The practice of Vajrakilaya is very important in the Sakya lineage.



8 to 15 November 2019
Eleventh of the ninth month

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